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Brittany, a superlative film location

Brittany, a superlative film location

With over 2 500 km of coastline, Brittany offers the largest sea frontage of the French coastline – from the Emerald coast to the coast of megaliths, the Armor region has a succession of sandy beaches, rocky cliffs, ria coasts and estuaries.

Inland, the Argoat region is made up of fields and hedges, open moors and woodland. Whether awe-inspiring or intimate, our landscapes form a remarkable natural heritage where wide open spaces alternate with delightful little hidden corners.

This diversity of settings can also be seen in the rich architectural heritage – for example, Brittany has more than 4 000 interesting castles, manors and country houses in a greater density than anywhere else in Europe. Towns full of art and history, ancient burgs and modern-day centres complement the list of this diversity which makes it easier to envisage all types of filming especially as Brittany benefits from the presence of many experienced professionals, actors and technicians.

You wish to shoot a film soon in Brittany, we can help you to find the settings corresponding to your film. Our office also can offer many services to you in addition to pre-locations : we can assist you to find liaisons with local authorities qualified, accommodations, technicians, actors, extras,…

Services, skills, networking, fast information, advice for French and foreign audiovisual & cinema professionals intended for all types of films – feature films, TV films, advertising, short films, documentaries :

   search for film locations : preliminary identification of specific settings, consultation of the database and library footage & resources
   network of professional contacts : consultation of files and CVs from actors and technicians, help with casting, list of hire and service businesses
   network of institutional contacts : liaison with local authorities, facilitation of filming permits

The Brittany Film Commission is a non-profit-making organization. By acting as consultant and intermediary and by providing assistance, it helps to make things easier for teams that choose Brittany to shoot their films.

Brittany Film Commission was set up in July 2005 with backing from the Conseil régional de Bretagne, the CNC and Cap l’Orient. It is now part of the Brittany Tourist Board and member of Films in Brittany which organizes the region’s audiovisual and cinema professionals – producers, directors, actors and technicians, film archive, festivals…

Brittany Film Commission is a member of the French Film Commissions Network coordinated by Film France (english)



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Coming to Brittany
* by high speed train from Paris Montparnasse
2h to Rennes,
3h to Saint-Brieuc
3h40 to Lorient
4h to Brest & Quimper

* by motorway in
3h30 from Paris

* by plane
several daily fights from Paris to
Brest, Lorient, Quimper,
Lannion & Rennes

* ferry links to
England & Ireland
from Roscoff
& Saint-Malo

Région Bretagne